Deerfield Wi. 

Just 15 minutes east of Madison


Delivery discounts on 3 or more depending on distance.

Must be in one trip.

We carry a couple of different brands and varieties that will burn the best in your wood pellet stove.  Click on the link below and check out our quality brands of wood pellets for sale.



Olson Pellet Supply

We carry a high quality wood pellet and deliver them to our customers in southern Wisconsin.


We cannot guarantee we will beat the big box stores on price but we can on the wood pellet product quality that we carry.

Wood Pellet fuel is all we do. We are always making sure our pellets that we carry are the best they can be. If you have any problems with the pellets that you buy from us we will make it right. 

Delivery Deals

Buying Wood Pellets in Wisconsin is some what of a hassle because you have to find a way to get these wood pellets home and then when you do you have to unload them out of your vehicle.  That just sounds like to much work. Let us deliver your wood pellets so you can enjoy that hot burning pellet that we stock in your wood pellet stove.