Rib mountain Bio

Blend 50/50

Blend Wood Pellets gives you 50% hardwood and 50% softwood mix.  This is still a very clean burning pellet but you will see a little more ash and your glass will get a little dirtier faster.

These pellets will put out 8400 btu's/lb 

Ash content .37%

$230/ton    or    $4.60/bag

Rib Mountain Bio


Softwood Wood Pellets will burn hotter and cleaner in your pellet Stove. I would Recommend this product when it gets below 0 degrees.

These Pellets will put out 8600 btu's/lb

Ash content .27%

Currently Unavailable 

Supplying a quality product.

We are always making sure the product we carry is superior to the big box stores product. If you were wondering where can I buy wood pellets, you found the right place.


We have a way of delivering your product to you so you don't have to.

There is no need to handles these wood pellet fuel bags more than 2 times.


After hours

We don't carry normal business hours but we can take care of you evenings and weekends.




Olson Pellet Supply has been in the business for over 8 years and we've been lucky enough to learn a thing or two over those years about wood pellets. We are one of the few pellet dealers in Wisconsin that deliver to your front door. Keeping you warm is our goal! 

About US

This is our way of delivering your Wood Pellets. Never handle a bag twice ever again. We will roll it off the trailer and set it anywhere you want it. As long as it's concrete or blacktop.

Delivery Coverage Area

We Deliver to Dane county, Jefferson county, Columbia County, Rock County and most of Southern Wisconsin.

Olson Pellet Supply

Wood Pellet Fuel

Delivery Rates

$50 per ton or skid

Discount after 3 tons within a 25mile radius of Deerfield, Wi  

We can haul up to 5 skids of wood pellets in one trip.